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Pet Safety Gates

Pet safety gates are installed in homes for a variety of reasons. The security and safety of everyone involved is a good reason to do so. It may be because there is an addition of a newborn baby in the house or simply a need to create a barrier for your pets.

Your entire house can turn into a messy place if you have pets running around freely. Installing safety gates keeps them away from certain areas and remain in one place where they cannot do much damage. Some areas of the house are best kept spic and span.

It is also useful to have safety gates for other reasons. Safety gates can teach pets to behave and learn to be confined in a particular area where they are free to run around and play. They are also protected from ingesting dangerous substances like poisons or pesticides. Newborn babies are also kept safe from the reach of pets.
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There are different shapes and sizes of gates in the market. But it is good to consider first what you need a gate for, before you get one. I have listed down the basic things you need to consider about gates.
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1) Ask yourself the question, What opening will the gate block? It is easy to fit an average doorway with a pet gate. But if the passage is very wide, an extra wide gate is needed to block it. In order for you to pick the right gate size, you need to do correct measurements of the opening that you will cover. Do this for all the passageways you need to place gates on.

2) You need to ask, What type of barrier will serve my purpose? In order for you to choose the correct type of gate, you need to know what that gate will do. You might need a sturdier gate if it is meant to keep your pets from climbing up the stairs and going into bedrooms. This type of gate is often hardware-mounted for added strength and safety. They have better support and cannot be easily broken down by pets.

3) Ask yourself, Does the gate appear well constructed? One of the things you need to be sure about when buying is the quality of the materials and construction of the safety gate. What you are looking for is a gate that is built to be stable and strong, with good finish. Choose a metal gate that is of quality finish, over a wooden gate of the same quality, as metal gates prove to be more dependable.

Finally, make sure the opening where you will install the gate can provide a sturdy support for the gate. Do not attach a gate to a thin wall or a flimsy piece of wood.