Ford’s F150 Impresses with Accessible Functionality and Refined Design

July 30, 2017 | By s3m4ng4t | 0 Comments

American vehicle manufacturer Ford is famous for a number of things, and pickup trucks are definitely among them. The various pickups of Ford’s current lineup aim to fill every possible niche between them, with everything from the compact Ranger to the thundering, super-duty F350 being available to buyers. Most popular of all for many years, however, has been the F150, a model that is both a significant step up in carrying capacity from the Ranger and more than enough for most purposes. From tradespeople who rely on the F150 to get work done to others who simply appreciate having access to a highly functional piece of transportation, the F150 might just be the best representation of what Ford has to offer, for many buyers, of all.

Where the F350 can tip the scales at over 7,000 pounds empty, the F150 remains in the realm of much more commonly seen weights. The lightest versions of the 2017 take on the F150 barely inch over the 4,000 pound mark when empty of fuel and other consumables, meaning that a fair number of sedans actually outdo its mass. Adding an extended cab and other features to the F150 can bring it up to a bit over 5,000 pounds, when all is said and done, a figure that still remains well within the limits that allow for reasonable fuel economy and everyday driving responsiveness.

If the F150 can be easy to live with in these respects, it performs well in plenty of others, too. While fairly characterized as a light-duty machine, the car details reveal that the vehicle can, in the correct configuration, be used to tow up to 10,000 pounds. That makes the F150 a top choice among boat owners, all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts, and others who appreciate having the ability to move a heavily loaded trailer from place to place.

This fact also helps account for how popular the F150 is among small business owners involved with lawn care and other activities where being able to tow a trailer full of equipment is a real asset. By providing a lot of useful functionality in a package that remains easy to live with, the F150 has carved out a real niche for itself for which few other vehicles can compete.