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How to Deal with General Contractors?

Let us all deal with the fact that to execute a successful home remodeling project, you have to invest significant sum of cash. It’s the general contractor who takes responsibility of hiring tradesmen, buying materials, finding and bringing subcontractors in the project, supervise and get the remodeling done according to the client’s preferred budget and create schedule to execute everything smoothly.

For the success of project both on time and money, you have to work closely with your general contractor and to do that, here are few tips you may want to be mindful about.

Tip number 1. Avoid allowances – as a matter of fact, this serves as a separate budget for the client on something that they still aren’t clear of. A good example of this is, if you are still undecided of the accessory to be used for your new bath, rather than your contractor following the actual price, they will set aside a budget specifically for it.

There is a great selection you can find on the other hand that have varying prices for these products and estimated budget could be lower than the cash needed. A better approach you can take before letting contractors place their bids is by going to the material selection.

Tip number 2. Have an open communication with your contractor – you have to take initiatives in establishing a regular communication with your contractor. You may either meet him every morning prior to doing anything you have on schedule or perhaps, contact him through chats, calls or texts. In the end, a good and professional general contractor knows what their responsibilities are by entertaining all your questions and encourage you to voice out concerns.

Tip number 3. Put everything in writing – the best way of preventing potential problems to take place in the future is to have a journal of your project. This can literally help you in recording the work progress, noting down order numbers as well as delivery dates etc. On your journal, jot down everything from new ideas to what you want to ask to your general contractor.

Tip number 4. Inspect the work area – you have to be proactive and check the work of your contractor on a regular basis. The best time when you can do this is right after the crew is done with their shift. This way, you will know if the material’s model number that were bought has matched your records to verify if it is the correct ones, do comparison of the doors and windows location to the blueprint and make sure that the work has met your standard. Anyways, if ever you have doubts, you can always ask for clarification on your general contractor.

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