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The Meaning of Revenge Pornography and Where to Find Legal Help

There are at a least 38 states and the District of Columbia in the US that have revenge pornography law. And the law is typically interpreted to defend persons affected by revenge pornography as well as this committing the crime in those states.

As such, what is revenge pornography, and what should a victim do toward finding justice for the offense against them? Revenge pornography implies the illicit and ill-intentioned conveyance of personal sexual material (usually videos and images) via any media, particularly the web, with somebody as the focus of the material. Mostly, the victim is naked or participating in a sexual act. With most of these instances, the victim agreed to the capture of the material, ordinarily by their mate via a phone or camera.

While the images or videos may have been obtained by the victim themselves and transmitted via private messaging, these may later be published online without the sender’s consent, maybe after a relationship has ended. The perpetrator that posts the material is usually pushed by the will to revenge or manipulate the subject. The offended usually faces very dire repercussions. Nevertheless, nonconsensual pornography is always illicit, no matter if revenge is not its compelling force, and also in situations where the perpetrator has no emotions toward the offended.
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Where’s the Justice for Revenge Pornographyography Victims?
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Engage an attorney anytime you require legal assistance with a revenge pornography case involving you. Your revenge pornographyography attorney will offer helpful clarifications and demonstrate how to resolve your case. The attorney can be instrumental in applying the relevant state law to fight revenge pornography and help protect restate your right to sexual privacy. In case you’re filing a lawsuit, this lawyer will advocate for you there, dealing with all the pertinent paperwork and evidence for you.

Cease and Desist Orders

It is possible for a revenge pornography issue to be resolved satisfactorily when a cease and desist order is issued. The letter is issued by the court and directed to the revenge pornography offender, threatening them of further legal consequences should they not end their actions against the victim.

Internet Material Removal

You can rely on both federal law and state law when you want to remove revenge pornography that features you illegally. For instance, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) lets you pursue the erasure of any web content that you own, such as private photos and videos. And if the propagation of naked photography and videos without permission is illicit based on your revenge pornography state laws, sites hosting such material should take it down or they’re committing an offense.

Leveraging legal counsel, you may fight revenge pornography provided it’s illegal.